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Air France (AF)

Traveling is giving a hard time to every tourist out there because of its expensiveness. Each passing day increases the cost of carrier packages and other expenses. With the boom of digital marketing and businesses, scheduling a seat is quite simple now. Our travel booking e-platform, Flights Pedia, has appeared on the map of the virtual world to give you relaxation from stress over issues like reservations with the affordable yet comfortable airlines.

Though various flying carriers are operating actively, still some have upper hand over the others. Air France (AF) is among those top-notch and leading brands that are making it believable for travelers to visit their favorite tourist spot with almost zero difficulties.

Air France is a mega, well-known carrier in France, and it is the subordinate of France-KLM. It flies to almost 201 stopping place (over 30 within the country). For Economy Class, it has comfortable seats. Moreover, Business Class consists of cozy cabins. The hubs for AF are Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris) and Orly Airport.

Non-stop Air France Flights are available in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America, and North America. The good news is you can search out and even opt out Air France from our website, and to do this, you have to browse our site first, and then thoroughly check the specific carrier's packages. E-bookings give many perks like one of them is you will get a good discount on reservations, which is almost impossible in case of a traditional way of reserving a seat.

You must have heard the French line company, Air France (AF), which is France's top-grade airway, Right? People consider it among the top carriers. The AF's head office's location is Tremblay-en-France. The company is the initiator of SkyTeam global, which is a carrier association, but AF itself is subservient of France-KLM. Though the airline is a pre-eminent brand, which is quite notable all over the earth, and fortunately, we collaborate with AF for letting our clients relish the updated and affordable deals of the airline.

The company's fleet size is 212, and it flies to almost 200 stops in 90 nations. The intercontinental center for the brand is Charles de Gaulle airport, while on the other side, Orly International airfield uses as an internal central point. AF's non-stop flights are get-at-able to airports across all continents: Europe, North America, Africa, Oceania, South America, and Asia. Well, for the long-haul flights internationally, AF uses three to four Classes of its service, but for the short-haul, the company often operates the three-cabin configuration.

When it comes to facilities, AF has a well-developed reputation as it serves healthy and tasty food, comfy seats, and secure cabins. The brand has also decided to install Gogo 2ku technology in-flight Wi-Fi in a long-haul fleet. Luckily, you can enjoy AF's service within affordable prices. Flights Pedia is doing non-stop efforts to make it practicable for users to get unforgettable flights to their desired tourist-spots by giving them discounted airfare deals from not only AF and other carriers, too.

EasyJet (U2)

The airline carrier, EasyJet, whose motive is to deliver services' excellence to travel freaks out there, and it is doing it by collaborating with Flights Pedia because we are an online travel booking website, whose purpose is to give comfortable atmosphere to our clients by providing them a medium for scheduling flights at cheap fares.

British cheap-cost carrier, EasyJet (founded in 1995), is an internationally recognized enterprise, and its central office is at London Luton Runway. Well, it has twenty-nine operational centers all over Europe (the essential one is Gatwick), and the fleet size is 318. It air-dashes to almost 136 stopping places. One interesting fact about the pre-eminent airline is it placed second in Europe back then in 2014 because of carrying over 65 million travelers. The two associate corporations of the enterprise are EasyJet Switzerland and Europe, and the trio operates over 200 aircraft worldwide. Often people ask about the precautionary measures of carriers, and when it comes to the UK's air brand, it positioned 17th safest carrier in the universe. This British airline carrier uses the Airbus aircraft, and Airbus A319-100, A320-200, and A321-200 are its types.

EasyJet Airline is renowned for delivering cheap-cost services, but it is a sound brand overall. By searching the carrier on our Flights Pedia website, affordable packages will appear on your screen. You need to pick as per your wish and leave everything else on us. For every European out there, it would be a convenient option if you need to take flights quite often.

With each passing day, the influence of the internet is getting stronger, which also makes convenient and easy-to-use travel booking procedures. So, with latest digital technology, you can enjoy the services of our FlightsPedia site, where you would be able to reserve your seat of any of the leading carriers like British Airways, Lufthansa, Delta, etc. Every airline is excellent, but if you are looking for a wallet-friendly brand with satisfactory services, then EasyJet would be, without the shadow of a doubt, the right choice for you. Here are more details of the carrier.

Located at London Luton, EasyJet maintains its hub at the same place. With 318 aircraft, the air agency flies to more than 130 tourist spots around the globe. Though overall operational centers are 29 in number, the Gatwick, however, is the essential one. Because of carrying over 65 million travelers, EasyJet ranked as the second best European cheap-cost company in 2014. Airbus like A319-100, A320-200, and A321-200 are among the best aircraft of the enterprise. Another title got by the carrier is the 17th safest low-cost European brand, and it has gained loyal customers all over the universe.

The fact is EasyJet featured in a Television series Airline in which they showed the carrier's operations from its head office and other operational bases, and it broadcast on ITV. Last year, it also announced to open a new headquarter in Austria, and it is growing its business not only in Europe but other regions of the World, too.

Austrian (OS)

Making reservations for a journey is now a step away from you as FlightsPedia is giving an opportunity to schedule a seat by picking up any airline's cheap-cost offers, but of course, with high-quality services. Along with some high-grade carriers, our travel-booking website is making it happen for travelers to wander around the world without taking tension of high expenses. Every air agency has its extraordinary features, but let us tell you about Austrian brand, which is not only the subsidiary of Lufthansa Group but also among the initiating members of Star Alliance.

Maintaining its hub at Vienna Intrtnational Airport, Austrian Airlines location is at Schwechat. Air-dashes to only six stopping places at domestic level, but it flies to over 125 international destinations (55 countries). Austrian uses the Airbus aircraft along with Boeing, and its overall fleet size is more than 80. The air enterprise has replaced old seats with the new one in all cabins (First Class, Business, and Economy) they operate.

The carrier usually flies seasonal international flights, and it was the first ever air company, who flew to post-war Iraq in December 2006. One fun-fact about Austrian is its various lounges operations. Three Business, two HON-Circle, and two Senator are operating successfully at Vienna, but another Business one is in Moscow at Domodedovo International Airport. Well, it also has a subsidiary, which is Ukraine International Airlines. Without any doubt, Austrian is among the renowned carriers of its nation, and its a perfect choice for a low budget.

Delta Air Lines (DL)

Standing in a long line at the runway for scheduling a flight is not cool at all, and in fact, it squanders lots of time and currency in the form of shoe-cost. Luckily, with the boom of the internet and digital marketing, we have designed a different travel booking website, FlightsPedia, where people can make reservations within seconds, and this couldn't be possible without the back of pre-eminent carriers like Delta Air lines (DL). Well, it is among the high-level brands because of the quality services they offer.

Well, located at Atlanta, Georgia, Delta Air Lines, is the US pre-eminent airline, and its center is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airfield. Along with its subsidiaries, Delta operates more than 5,000 flights per day, domestically as well as internationally. Delta air-dashes to over 320 destinations with the fleet size of 872 aircraft. According to the sources of 2016, it flies to 54 nations in six continents, and it is also the founding member of SkyTeam airline carrier association.

The sixth-oldest operating carrier, Delta, is also the world’s second-largest carrier because its fleet size is immense. It also positioned 75 in the US's largest revenue generator corporations' list. Delta is the only U.S based enterprise that flies to six continents. When it comes to services, it's unarguably the best of all. The cabins operated by the company are: Delta One, Premium Economy, First Class, Business Class, and Economy. It has also announced to install Wi-Fi facility for all travelers, which makes it highly attractive.

EgyptAir (MS)

Because of highly cooperative EgyptAir and other airline corporations, FlightsPedia provides a variety of flight packages/deals for adventure-lovers. The digital marketing world has given inspiration to us for making a platform that can facilitate those persons, who find ambiguity in going through the traditional way of reserving a seat for a journey. We couldn't do it without the help of EgyptAir, to be honest. Let us tell you something more about this notable carrier.

Based at Cairo Int'l Airfield (center), it air-dashes to over 71 places in American areas, the Middle Eastern countries, Africa, Asian region, and European side. It's a vital member of not only Star Alliance, but also the Arab Air Carriers Organization, and the Egyptian enterprise fleet is 54 in size. Boeing jet and Airbus airplanes are in use of the company, and it operates three predominant cabins: First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. EgyptAir Cargo and Express are two essential brand's subsidiaries, even though three more are working sound at their level. The others are Air Sinai, Air Cairo, and Smart Aviation Co.

The services of EgyptAir are satisfactory but always remember it doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages on flights. Along with a collaborative and professional staff of 9,000 employees (as per the sources of 2014), the airline tries its best to make an excellent atmosphere for all travelers, and they have succeeded a lot in doing that. Though the carrier has faced a few tragic incidents back then, it's still among the notable cheap-cost brands.

South African Airways (SA)

With an upswing of the digital era, scheduling a flight becomes a piece of cake, and now, people can reserve their seats whenever and at anywhere they wish. FlightsPedia offers you to check out the South African Airways (SAA) along with its high-level packages and to do so you have to explore our website. We are making it possible for users to travel to their desired tourist spots at low cost with the help of superb airline carriers.

Well, South Africa's successful air travel organization's central point is at Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni. By collaborating with SA Express and Airlink (along with its cheap-cost Mango airline), SAA flies to more than 50 stopping places with 47 fleet aircraft. Moreover, it not only air-dashes to SA but African's Continental side, Australia, Asia, and other worldwide regions, too. The center for SAA is none other than Johannesburg, and the operational base is O.R. Tambo Int'l runway. The overall stops are 42 in number, and 64 fleets (inclusion of Mango).

SA Airways operates only two cabins: Economy Class and Business Class. The flight charges are less and budget-friendly, but they don't compromise on the values they offer, which makes them Africa's top-rated enterprise. SAA is an inspiration for other companies that if they can achieve with consistent struggle and hard work, then their counterparts can do it, too. We also recommend SA Airways to our customers whenever they're in need to tour African regions because it is not only pocket-friendly but of high-quality, too.